Inviting friends or family at home should be an enjoyable moment, but the preparation can quickly become stressful. Preparing tasty and healthy meals takes time and requires energy and savoir-faire. It can also be difficult to entertain your guest in the living room while working in the kitchen.
Instead, we will bring an authentic Italian restaurant, Cucina Vanina, in your home (“a casa” in Italian). You will tell us what you’d like to eat, and we will then prepare menus especially for you, menus you can then choose. Once planned, we will come to your home (Vanina alone or more personal depending on the size of the meal and additional services) and prepare the meal for you and your guests, offer full service at the table, and clean everything up when done.
Entertaining guests will become a real pleasure with a personal chef taking care of an authentic Italian cuisine feast!



We typically prepare feasts at home, but also prepare buffets or feasts at other locations equipped with a kitchen (e.g. a facility you rented for a special occasion), and for large parties!

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